There is a limit of 75 delegates for the FuegoRed Workshop and 20 delegates for the Training Course. Seats will be awarded by order of registration.

Registration for the Training Course and for the VIII International FuegoRed Workshop 2017 will be available from the 5th of June 2017. Deadline for early registration and reduced Conference fees is 15th July 2017, and late registration will be available until 15th September 2017. To attend the Workshop, please register online by filling in the registration form. Please verify and complete the following invoicing data in the registration form: name, institution, address, and fiscal data. The payment invoice will be sent by email upon previous request to the Conference organizers (

Payment of the Conference fee must be made by bank transfer. Banking details:

Bank name: España Duero (Grupo UNICAJA)

IBAN: ES53 2108 4200 82 0030102362


Bank address: C/Ordoño II, 17, 24001 León, Spain

Please indicate on the bank transfer your name

After submitting the registration form and formalizing the payment of the Conference fee, registrants must sent proof of payment indicating his/her name to Valid documentation proving student status will be also required.


                                                                            Before 15th July                                  After 15th July

Full (Training course +FuegoRed Workshop)

Regular members FuegoRed, GESFIRE, AET                      180€                                                    230€

Regular non-members FuegoRed, GESFIRE, AET              280€                                                    330€

Students (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate)                     120€                                                    150€

Only FuegoRed Workshop

Regular members FuegoRed, GESFIRE, AET                      160€                                                    210€

Regular non-members FuegoRed, GESFIRE, AET               260€                                                    310€

Students (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate)                       100€                                                     120€

 *The Conference fee includes documentation, certificates, all coffee breaks, field trip (19th October), daily lunches and the conference dinner.

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VIII International
17th to 20th October 2017
University of León (Spain)
de leon
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