Ever since the Spanish Thematic Network FUEGORED was founded in 2007, international conferences have been conducted periodically. These meetings bring together scientists and managers from different countries whose main targets are to analyse the effects of forest fire on soils, develop measures for the protection and management of fire-prone ecosystems, and provide guidelines to managers for improving post-fire management.


The VIII International FuegoRED 2017 Workshop will be held in the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences of the University of León (Spain) from 17th to 20th October 2017. This Workshop is organised by the Applied Ecology Group of the University of León.


The theme of this Workshop is the “Scientific-technical approaches for the management of large fires: implementation of new technologies”. The Workshop will focus on the implementation of new technologies for monitoring the recovery and post-fire management of fire-prone ecosystems affected by large fires. Fire scientific experts, government managers and beneficiaries of the ecosystem services provided by these ecosystems affected by recurrent fires will all attend and participate in this Workshop.


The Workshop Program comprises three full, but very enjoyable days, combining field site visits with scientific and technical discussions about forest fire effects in Atlantic-Mediterranean transition areas. We will also discuss the post-fire management practices implemented in these areas. Moreover, to encourage the participation of young researchers, the Thematic Group of Forest Fires from the Spanish Association of Remote Sensing will organize a training course on the 17th of October.


We hope to deliver a fruitful and informative Workshop, and hope to see a lot of both new and familiar faces at the Workshop.

VIII International
17th to 20th October 2017
University of León (Spain)
de leon
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